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Words for nerds?

Besides cooking, the other major time sucker in my life is reading, so I figured, since I’m apparently on a roll, everyone should be subjected to my thoughts on books and various text-sources, right alongside my thoughts on tortillas and tortellinis. (I also figured my thoughts on the final two time suckers in life, beer and make-outs, would be less interesting to others, so there will be no beer and make-outs blog happening.)

I read. A lot. I’m also getting ready to go back to library school, and learn to do other, different things with books and words and information. This site is here to share book related stuff, and to document my process through library school, and basically to talk about anything I feel like talking about that is in anyway nerdy or bookish. So much freedom! I’m mad with it! Hah hah hah! Stay tuned…

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