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Three weeks in…

I can hardly believe I’m already three weeks into the semester. And I’m still sick! What the smack, people? The sinus pain, wracking cough, and dry, aching eyes make it very difficult to find the energy to stay up and do my homework, not to mention cook dinner, update various websites, have a life. I’m hoping that repeated doses of immune boosting beverages and vitamin C will ensure that this is the last week of suffering. And I actually went to Trader Joe’s last night and bought frozen meals for easy dinner preparation. It’s kind of sad, but the take out needs to stop.

Regarding my actual school work, well. I have a complaint, and I’m not the only one. I have a teacher who isn’t particularly good at explaining herself. Like, she really sucks at it. Everyone in the class seems unsure about what the assignments actually are, the readings seem completely irrelevant to anything important, and her “lectures” are long, rambling, disconnected things that seem to have no relationship to the purported topics of the lectures. I have her for two classes! It’s torture! And incredibly frustrating, because I have two assignments due in the coming weeks and I’m not sure I understand them at all! Sigh. I will never take another class with this woman again.

Aside from that, I still love library school so far. My reference class is great. I’m learning insane amounts of things. I see the point of doing assessments and evaluation research and am glad to have the opportunity to learn how, even though I’m sure it will never be my favorite thing in the world. And I feel engaged and challenged–when my teachers aren’t challenging me, I’m figuring how to learn the information I need myself. I’m confirmed in my thinking of six years ago: I’d like to be a student forever.

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Now that I have officially finished my first week in library school I suppose it’s time to comment on the experience, no? Alright, so far it’s freaking great. After Advising Day, I felt a little uncertain about what I’d gotten myself into. I looked around the room and thought, “I’m surrounded by some seriously socially challenged dorks.” Then I realized that I probably am a seriously socially challenged dork. Then I despaired of ever actually befriending any of these people, what with my shyness and everyone else’s shyness. Then I went to class and thought, “Wait–grades?! I haven’t had grades since high school! What the smack is a GPA? What if I’m not as smart as I think I am? What if I don’t do well on real, practical assignments and my only skill lies in pontificating about meaningless theoretical debates centered around the existence of truth and the truth of gender or some crap? What if I don’t like this?”

Yeah, there was a little bit of panic.

And the panic has, for the most part, subsided. I mean, I still might not be that great when it comes to real, practical assignments. I still think I’d rather sit around and read about things than do them, but that has kind of always been the case, probably since I learned to read. I’ll get over it. I think I can deal with getting grades again. Maybe I’ll even realize I appreciate them. And team work will inevitably be part of my future, so I’m all about embracing it. Overall, it’s been funny to realize that I’m actually learning a profession, and not just learning stuff, like I did in my undergraduate experience. I’m learning how to DO things, not just how to think about things. Although I am also learning how to think about things. I’m learning how to think about practical things. This is all a very different kind of learning experience.


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