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Innovative Education

When funding for education is being cut mercilessly and learning seems to be more about testing than anything else, it’s great to read about a school that’s doing something unique, and achieving real results. High Tech High is a charter school system in San Diego, and a recent article in Voice of San Diego highlights just a few of their innovative practices.

Charter schools offer a lot of potential for reforming education locally, though the history of Charter schools in America isn’t without its share of corruption and failure. Reading about schools that are trying to make real improvements, to be inventive in engaging students, and who base their goals for learning on real knowledge acquisition rather than compulsory adherence to “standards” are so inspiring. It almost makes me want to teach high school.

Find out more about High Tech High.

(Disclaimer: My cousin is a student at High Tech High. I’m not sure I need a disclaimer for that, but I thought I’d point it out anyway.)

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