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A New Year, a New Start

Whooooa. So much for posting more last year. I expected to have so much to say about my first job as a bona fide librarian, but as it turned out, I was so busy getting my bearings and learning how to do my job that I didn’t have much energy left to formulate sentences about that job. Well, as they say, there’s always next year. Or, this year, as the case may be. As far as resolutions go, mine are usually pretty nebulous, but I do hope to spend some of my free time in 2010 writing more, about my chosen profession, about living in Walla Walla, and about books.

I also hope to read more in 2010. More specifically, I hope to read more new fiction. As you can see, in 2009 I didn’t read much that was shiny and new. I re-read Harry Potter for the fifth or sixth time, and I even re-read the Twilight saga (at which point I realized just how sexist and messed up that story really is). Well, I’m making it a goal in 2010 to read at least one piece of brand, spanking new fiction every month. I’ve already started with Julie Myerson’s The Lost Child, which is so far quite good (though not fiction). And I just picked up Barbara Kingsolver’s The Lacuna, for which I have high hopes.

So here’s to hearing more from me this year. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll actually find interesting things to say.

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